Cement Block & Fly Ash Bricks Machinery

Concrete Block Machine

It is a Stand type Hand operated Concrete Block /Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine Versatile to shift to any working site to cast Blocks /Bricks on wooden or steel ballet.Which is inserted from the front side. It has a top pressing ram operated by the toggle mechanism.Bottom plate is vibrated with
efficient light weightecentric vibrator.With the mechanical advantage developed by the toggle
with small manual force the knock of the vibrations are bolstered effectively to the blocks.
By Pressing the operating Lever, the moulds leaves the blocks on the pallet. The blocks with the pallet is removed and kept for wet drying manually.

Power : 2 H.P.,3 Phase motor,1440 R.P.M. or 5 H.P. air cooled Diesel Engine 1500 R.P.M.
Vibration : 6000 Hz
Capacity : 600 - 1200 Blocks / Shift ( 1 or 2 Blocks / Stripping )

Pan Mixture Machine

To mix raw material in Fly Ash Bricks Plant,Lime Industries.
Capacity:-100 to 300Kg.
Material Charge:-Manual
Material Discharge:-Bottom Door Opening (Manual)
Mixing :- By Heavy Rollers & Hard Faced Scrappers.

Mixture Machine

Tilting Drum type,One bag capacity Cast Iron / Mild Steel Body with suitable Frame,Taper Roller Bearings and Metal bushing Pinion Shaft.
Foundation type (Suitable for Concrete Block Unit)